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FREE !! Grateful Dead Photographs

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Jerry Garcia
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Bob Weir
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Bruce Hornsby
Phil Lesh
Mickey&Bill or Bill&Mickey
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Up to TEN or MORE 8x10 high resolution Photographs wil be sent to you on CD.

To order, this months FREE DEAD PHOTOS.

Send a check or money order to my address below.

A small $7.00 shipping and handling charge is all I ask!

Or-Paypal payment

Enter reference number of the Request you would like.

September 1 to November 1



EACH REFERENCE NUMBER, can be had after the date offered!!

Germany TOUR 1990-Deer Creek 1990 and many other shows wait to be yours enjoy.1800 hot shots wait be bless you!

Sit Still Photos*1336 Shawnee dr*Yellow Springs.Oh*US*45387
or email to

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